One of the best things about the World Wide Web is the fact that it is, well, world wide. And in that spirit, we’re loving #laptoptag –  a reel of clips that carries you  around the world via a webcam.

The folk at Proof Studios, Leicester, compiled the video after encouraging people to send in four second clips of them in their world, filmed on their laptops. From blizzards, dorm rooms and the official centre of the world, meet 70 of the 60 billion people we’re sharing the planet with.

#LAPTOPTAG v.1.1 from Proof Studio on Vimeo.

George Horne, of Proof Studios, said:

“ I wanted to explore how deeply rooted technology had become in the World. Most of Western society doesn’t fully appreciate how many people in developing countries actually do have technologies such as laptops – which is why when I started receiving submissions from places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt and Ghana I was so happy!”

People from the USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil all feature in the film in the form of pasta makers, guitar players and couples in love. George said:

“All the submissions had a great feeling of wonkiness and spontaneity to them – as if someone had just shot, uploaded and sent in a submission whilst walking to work, making lunch or sat in the park.”

“Nothing good comes from over thinking things, I just wanted people to get stuck in without fear or thought”

This doesn’t always leave time for pleasantries though and many of the obscure entries don’t even introduce themselves.

“They’re people I’ve never met and I don’t really even know their names. I don’t know anything about them.”

Comments on the forum at Vimeo are putting some names to faces, and new versions of the video will be uploaded as people continue to submit theirs – which you can learn how to do here! 


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